Photo John E. Marriott

Exposed Ambassadors

Exposed Ambassadors are an accomplished community of ethical storytellers that is composed of conservation-focused photographers and videographers as well as biologists, conservationists and wildlife advocates.

What Do AMbassadorS DO?

Ambassadors harness the power of storytelling through visual mediums to bring awareness to current critical wildlife challenges, solutions, and efforts. Exposed Ambassadors actively contribute to making a positive impact in the treatment of apex predators by assisting Exposed Wildlife Conservancy (EWC) in its conservation efforts. This is accomplished by granting EWC the right to share the photographs and videos of Ambassadors as well as raise awareness of various initiatives across the Ambassador's platforms. In return, Ambassadors are invited to join an exclusive community of conservation-focused photographers and videographers while receiving perks such as discounts on EWC merchandise and features on EWC’s website.

Photo John E. Marriott

Our Ambassadors

Meet our community of passionate conservation photographers, videographers, biologists, conservationists, and wildlife advocates. Each Ambassador does their part to champion Exposed's goals and help give wildlife a voice.

John E. Marriott

Exposed Co-Founder & Wildlife Photographer

Co-Founder of EWC, John E. Marriott is one of Canada’s premier professional wildlife and nature photographers, with images published worldwide by National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Canadian Geographic, McLean's, and Reader’s Digest.

Tim Osborne

Wildlife Photographer

Tim is a great photographer, from St. Albert Alberta. He does other things too, but we don't have a bio yet, this is just filler.

Colleen Gara

Wildlife Photographer

Colleen is a wildlife photographer out of Calgary Alberta, and is also great, and this is also just a placeholder bio.

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Photo John E. Marriott

Fundamental Values of Ambassadors

1 | Professionalism

Ambassadors are committed to behaving in a respectful manner in the work that they engage in as well as with the animals and people whom they interact with. Ambassadors understand that their words and actions are a reflection of Exposed Wildlife Conservancy and are a representation of the Conservancy’s values and beliefs.

2 | Ethics

Ambassadors are committed to the highest ethical standards in photography and videography. This includes no baiting of animals or the manipulation of flora or fauna for personal gain. Ambassadors are committed to maintaining our natural landscape and prioritize the minimization of any negative impact (whether physically, emotionally or behaviourally) on wildlife.

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3 | Authenticity

Ambassadors are committed to ensuring the authentic representation of their images. This includes the accurate and transparent portrayal of their images while editing, captioning, and storytelling. Ambassadors understand that they are role models as well as mentors and that their work affects their perceptions of others.

Photo John E. Marriott

Perks of Becoming an Ambassador

As a thank-you to our Exposed Ambassadors, we make sure they are also benefiting from their affiliation with Exposed as champions of our goals and projects.

Benefits As an Ambassador:

  1. Access to Exposed merchandise at cost
  2. Your profile will be listed as a Verified Ambassador on our website which links to your portfolio, website, and/or social media channels
  3. Periodic features in our monthly newsletters
  4. Access to a community of like-minded individuals
  5. Invitations to Ambassador informational meetings hosted by EWC

Get the full detailed list on our Ambassador Volunteer listing.