Trail Camera Network Volunteers

Estimated Work Load:  
6-12 Hours Per Month
Remote Position
Experience Required
Position Filled

We are seeking volunteers to help us manage our trail camera network throughout the MD of Bighorn and Back 40. These volunteers will be required to hike to a cluster of trail camera locations monthly, ensure they are in working order, and upload the footage to our trail camera database. You are an ideal candidate for the position if you:

  • Are located within the MD of Bighorn, Summer Village of Waiparous, Cochrane, and Canmore area
  • Are able to reliably hike out to trail camera locations at least one a month
  • Are knowledge about trail cameras and how to manage/operate them
  • Have your own mode of transportation or regular access to transportation
  • Are knowledgeable of Click-Up, Google Drive, and Spreadsheets
  • Have access to a computer with a reliable internet connection
  • Are knowledgeable about avoiding and managing wildlife encounters, including encounters with bears, wolves, and cougars
  • Are First Aid certified

Please email if you are interested in this position.

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