Jessica Barham

Operations Manager


Jessica is the newest member of the EXPOSED team. Jessica has spent the majority of her life exploring the outdoors. From a young age, she was always fascinated by nature and sought ways she could connect with it. This included hiking and biking through our forests, swimming in our oceans and lakes, geocaching for treasures and spending time with as many animals as she possibly could. Always maintaining her wanderlust spirit, Jessica continues to explore the places less travelled with her two pups, Ollie and Bella, as she feels there is endless value in connecting with our natural world again and again.

Having a natural passion for the conservation of Canada’s wilderness through her childhood experiences, Jessica found herself working closely with wolfdogs as an adult, where she formed deep and real connections with these highly misunderstood animals. Seeing the treatment their wild counterparts currently face, Jessica knew she needed to do more. When she discovered what Exposed was doing and the difference we have been making, she immediately connected with our mission and goals.

Jessica joins our team to put her diverse skills, education, and professional background in the business side of the nonprofit sector to work, helping to make a positive, lasting and meaningful impact on Canada’s apex predators.

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