Lee Horbachewski

Social Media Manager - Volunteer


Lee Horbachewski is a photographer, mental health advocate and author based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Photography took Lee out of the depths of darkness in 2013 and taught her to see the light in the dark, by adjusting some settings. For almost a decade, Lee has been a spokesperson and advocate for Distress Centre Calgary by sharing her story of overcoming years of depression and anxiety.

The past couple of years has seen Lee expand her philanthropic and advocacy efforts into wildlife conservation. Lee’s love for wildlife was re-ignited on a photo tour with John E. Marriott in the Great Spirit Bear Rainforest in 2014. Since then, she has been on many of John’s tours learning and developing her photography skills while developing an even deeper passion for wildlife, in particular grizzlies.

Lee has completed the Certificate of Visual Design - Specializing in Photography through the University of Calgary and has grown as a photographer through workshops and courses from some of the most talented professional photographers in Canada, including John.

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