Lance Andersen

Cinematographer + Director of Operations


Lance Andersen is a filmmaker, producer and film editor based in Alberta, Canada. After the completion of NAIT’s Digital Cinema Program in 2015, Lance began working with Kim Odland and KO Productions on what would become the web series EXPOSED with John E. Marriott. He has spent his career working on commercial and documentary video content for both web and broadcast. He also extensively practices photography, design, and programming. 

Lance’s current roles at EXPOSED include (but are not limited to): Lead Cinematographer, Producer, Director, Writer, Lead Editor, Colourist, Web Designer, and Social Media Manager. As the sole employee of the conservancy, Lance's jack of all trades skill set makes him an integral part of the team.

Lance grew up camping in the national and provincial parks of Alberta and British Columbia and has been passionate about the conservation and rehabilitation of Canada’s natural landscapes ever since. When outdoors he spends his time hiking, snowshoeing, photographing, and rolling video on any wildlife he can point a lens at. Other passions include mechanics, fabrication, making, indoor gardening, and other DIY projects to name a few.

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