Help Give Our Wildlife a Voice

The EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy is a Canadian not-for-profit environmental organization dedicated to raising awareness of wildlife conservation issues through photography, videography, and storytelling. 

Our MISSION & Goals

EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy is dedicated to raising awareness of critical wildlife and conservation issues in Canada. This includes EXPOSING people to the beauty of our wild places and the wildlife within them to provide a better understanding of why they deserve our protection. Additionally, we are EXPOSING current wildlife management practices lacking in scientific basis, ethics and/or social acceptability. 

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In January 2016, we started the web series Exposed with John E. Marriott as a way to raise awareness about wildlife conservation issues in Canada and beyond, using images, videos and storytelling as a means to engage you, our loyal audience. In that time, you’ve helped our web series grow: we’ve reached more than one million viewers with our videos.


Recently Published

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How Do We Make a Difference?

Active Projects

The EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy is committed to a number of active projects aimed at protecting wildlife and conserving habitat. Please consider helping us educate and raise awareness on these issues by learning more about what we’re working on.

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Web series

EXPOSED with John E. Marriott is the Conservancy's flagship visual outlet. It’s a well-researched, professionally-produced web series that explores the complex conservation issues facing our wildlife, from trapping to trophy hunting, and from policy to politics.


Our community includes more than 200,000 passionate followers across all social media platforms, committed to helping give our wildlife a voice. It is this community that helps our photo and video content to be seen by millions and provides us the opportunity to be heard and to make a difference.


The EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy believes that education is the key to enabling change in how our wildlife is managed. Our videos and messaging aim to arm you with knowledge and information that you can use in combination with your passion to fight for our wildlife and wilderness areas against trapping, trophy hunting and resource exploitation.


The EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy is committed to giving our wildlife a voice and we collaborate with other non-profits and environmental NGOs who are dedicated to specific conservation initiatives that align with our own goals. These collaborations can help create even larger, and more impactful, campaigns.

Support Us

The not-for-profit EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy is funded privately through donations from generous, passionate conservationists like yourself that believe what we are doing does make a difference. All donations go directly into creating more content to spread awareness and influence change.

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