Cougar Coexistence Project

As humans continue to increasingly share space with cougars, whether through living or recreating in their habitats, chances of interacting with cougars are also increasing. Currently, Alberta mitigates the chance of cougar interactions through hunting. We propose that there are other effective solutions to managing cougars to prevent or minimize the probability of cougar-human conflicts from happening in the first place.

Project Background

Research has shown that cougars, more so than any other apex predators in Canada, can successfully coexist with humans. A cougar's adaptability to human activity comes with many challenges, especially when it comes to safely coexisting with them. Our newest initiative, the Cougar Coexistence Project, looks to address these challenges and educate both communities living with cougars and those recreating in cougar territories with the information and tactics they need to minimize interactions and conflicts with cougars from occurring. The goal is to dispel myths, increase tolerance for cougars, and provide methods to reduce conflicts.

Although views towards cougars are generally positive, living or recreating in close proximity to them can amplify our fear towards this elusive and highly misunderstood species. Throughout the Ghost and Village of Waiparous areas in Alberta, there is evidence of frequent cougar presence in the area. This includes cougar tracks, clawed trees, and fresh scat throughout the neighbourhoods and trail networks.

The Cougar Coexistence Project looks to provide support for these communities and those recreating in them in the following ways:

Project Initiatives


Support communities coexisting with cougars by offering a solution-based and a proactive approach to reducing conflict and increasing tolerance at the urban-wildland interface, using the best available science. It is essential for this programs success that we work with these communities to understand their needs as well as to develop and implement effective and humane solutions that are of value to them.


Provide educational opportunities regarding cougar coexistence throughout backcountry areas and trails where cougars are known to live. This will be accomplished through installing permanent signage in communities residing in the urban-wildland interface across Alberta as well as in public land use zones and backcountry trail networks. This project's outreach program includes providing takeaway materials, such as informational brochures, on trail heads, at events and in farmers markets across Alberta. We will also make this information accessible right here on our website, through our social media channels, and newsletters.


Reduce cougar-human conflicts that can result in harm to people and often lead to the death of cougars and the corresponding detrimental effects on the ecosystem. To accomplish this goal, we have developed an extensive trail camera network that will track cougar movements to identify what locations cougars are most prevalent which will allow us focus our education efforts in these areas first. These cameras will also observe cougar behaviour which will aid us in identifying which behaviours and movement patterns which are essential to educate the public on.

How You Can Help

This project has been piloted in the Village of Waiparous, Municipal District of Bighorn, and the Back 40. With the help of our partner community members and our volunteers, work is already underway to develop cougar coexistence strategies that will help reduce cougar conflicts and increase tolerance for this important apex predator!

To help us develop our wildlife-focused educational database and coexistence strategies, please make a one-time or monthly donation to our Cougar Coexistence Project! By donating today, you are actively making a positive difference in the treatment and management of cougars living in our communities and those that coexist with them every day. If you would like to be a part of the solution to wildlife coexistence, please donate today. Donations to the Cougar Coexistence Project are eligible for a Canadian tax receipt.

Learn About Cougars!

Interested in learning about cougars? We have a free, extensive, and easy-to-follow educational library on cougars. From the way they look to where they live to how to coexist with them safely and everything in between, the Cougar Series will answer all the questions you may have about Canada's mountain lions. Head to the Cougar Series now to learn about this elusive and mysterious feline!

Learn About Cougars!

Our Trail Camera Network

As a part of the Cougar Coexistence Project, we have developed an extensive trail camera network in southern Alberta. Trail cameras are an excellent way to observe and research wildlife behaviour in a respectful yet impactful way. See below for highlights from our trail camera network!

To help expand the trail camera network and further our research, please make a one-time or monthly donation today. All donations to the Cougar Coexistence Project are eligible for a Canadian tax receipt and further our coexistence and education programs.


If you would like to become furthered involved in helping cougars, we are seeking 'boots on the ground' volunteers to help us manage trail camera volunteers. Please head to or volunteer page to learn more!