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Ambassador Criteria to Apply

Exposed Ambassadors are an accomplished community of ethical storytellers composed of conservation-focused photographers and videographers as well as biologists, conservationists and wildlife advocates.

Ambassadors harness the power of storytelling through visual mediums to bring awareness to current critical Canadian wildlife challenges, solutions, and efforts. Exposed Ambassadors actively contribute to making a positive impact in the treatment of apex predators by assisting Exposed Wildlife Conservancy (EWC) in its conservation efforts. This is accomplished by granting EWC the right to share the photographs and videos of Ambassadors as well as raise awareness of various initiatives across the Ambassador's platforms. In return, Ambassadors are invited to join an exclusive community of conservation-focused photographers and videographers while receiving perks such as discounts on EWC merchandise and features on EWC’s website.

Ambassador Requirements

To become a Verified Ambassador for Exposed Wildlife Conservancy, you must meet the following requirements: 


Please note that each Ambassador must be approved by the EWC team and current Ambassadors prior to being accepted into this program. Meeting the above criteria does not automatically enroll you in this program.  


*Exceptions to this are possible with approval from the EWC team and Ambassadors

Ambassador Expectations

As an Exposed Ambassador, you are committed to the following: 

Subscribe and adhere to EWC’s Ambassador Guiding Principles of professionalism, ethics, and authenticity as well as Photographer Code of Ethics

Grant Exposed Wildlife Conservancy the rights to share your photos, videos, and work across our platforms.

Help promote any major campaigns, fundraisers, and initiatives on behalf of EWC across your channels and networks

You understand and accept that you are a volunteer and will not be paid for your time or contributions made towards EWC

You understand and accept that you will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement if you are accepted as an Ambassador with Exposed. As many of us are involved with other environmental, conservation, and rescue organizations, this agreement outlines our policy regarding handling confidential information that you attain through EWC.

For photographers and videographers:

For biologists, conservationists and wildlife advocates:

Ambassador Perks & Benefits

You can expect to receive the following benefits as an Exposed Ambassador:

Access to a community of like-minded individuals

Invitations to Ambassador informational meetings hosted by EWC:

Periodic features in our monthly newsletters

Your profile will be listed as a Verified Ambassador on our website which links to your portfolio, website, and/or social media channels

Access to Exposed merchandise at cost

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