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August 26, 2022

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  • Quintette Caribou Herd
  • The Cougars of Patagonia
  • End Wildlife Killing Contests In British Columbia!
  • Fine Art Prints
  • Book Recommendation

The Quintette Caribou Herd

The habitat for endangered caribou is threatened and they need your help. The Quintette Caribou herd in British Columbia is facing extinction but we can act now to save them. The Federal and Provincial Government of British Columbia is seeking comments this month regarding their decision to mine the Upper Sukunka River Valley. This valley serves as a refuge to the Quintette Caribou herd and experts feel like mining of their home will lead to the herd's extinction.

We are asking you to give caribou a voice and help save them from extinction. Write a letter today and share your concern regarding the Sukunka coal mine and the fate of the Quintette Caribou herd.


From the Field

Cougars of Patagonia

Exposed co-founder John E. Marriott recently returned from his first trip to Patagonia to photograph pumas (cougars) and to see how Chile operates their booming wildlife viewing industry centered around these magnificent big cats. Can something similar be done in Canada or the United States with the right protections and habitat? John shared images and video from his trip, and discussed puma ecotourism, during an online presentation on August 10th. This event was only open to Exposed Insiders, so consider becoming an Insider today to take part in the next exclusive event!

Support apex predators by becoming a monthly donor today!


In the News

Yellowstone Wolves

A fascinating article out of the U.S. recently in regards to what many believe was an ‘inside’ job last winter during Yellowstone’s deadliest season yet for their beloved wolves.


End Wildlife Killing Contests!

British Columbia

For over a decade, Exposed co-founder John E. Marriott has been involved in trying to stop wildlife killing contests. As such, when Exposed had an opportunity to also get involved and help stop these brutal and unethical contests, we did. In 2019, Exposed joined a coalition of 54 environmental and animal welfare organizations as well as conservationists and wildlife-based businesses fighting to end wildlife killing contests in B.C.

Spearheaded by Human Society International (HSI), this effort is making headway. Recently, HSI met with the BC Ministry of Forests and was notified that the Ministry would consider banning wildlife killing contests with sufficient reason and demand.

Ahead of the next legislative review, we are asking you to join the efforts to stop wildlife killing contests by writing a letter to Minister Katrin Conroy calling for a legislative ban on wildlife killing contests in British Columbia.

Help stop wildlife killing contests by acting now.


Fine Art Prints

Get Your Print Now!

We had a number of incredible artists donate their original artwork toward our first silent auction and we’re thrilled to announce that several of those artists have agreed to let us sell limited edition prints of their beautiful paintings to help fund our conservation work! This includes Andrea Moore’s gorgeous ‘In the Moment’ wolf painted from one of John’s Yellowstone wolf images, Doria Moodie’s stunning ‘Diver’ art piece also painted from one of John’s more recognizable photos, and Susie Cipolla’s amazing painting of John’s famous ‘Frank the Tank’ cover image.

Each painting that you see below is now available for order as a numbered, limited edition fine art print with a one-inch white border while quantities last. There will be two sizes available for each print, a Small size - 12” on the longest dimension and a Large size - 24” on the longest dimension – see our website for exact sizes and availability for each print!


A print of Susie Cipolla’s iconic portrait of “Frank the Tank”. The original painting has been made on exhibition canvas with acrylic. It is inspired by John’s photograph of the iconic grizzly bear Frank the Tank from the cover of his Tall Tales, Long Lenses book. More of Susie’s Work


A print of Doria Moodie’s original acrylic painting of "Diver" on canvas. This portrait of Diver captures her unusual fishing behaviour. In the words of Doria, “I see in her eyes some possessiveness over her catch, but also some pride and intelligence in her efficiency in foraging for dinner”. This painting has been inspired by John’s photograph of Diver. More of Doria’s Work


A print of Andrea Moore’s original painting "In The Moment". Inspired by John E. Marriott's photo of a beautiful male wolf coming out of the sagebrush and howling near the road in Yellowstone. More of Adrea’s Work


These limited prints are only available while quantities last!


Book Recommendation

Salmon Wars

A Pulitzer Prize-winning correspondent and a former private investigator dive deep into the murky waters of the international salmon farming industry, exposing the unappetizing truth about a fish that is not as good for you as you have been told.


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