EWC December 21' Update

The EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy
December 16, 2021


- Happy Holidays!
- Thank You!
- Bud McLean
- Poisoning Wolves


Happy Holidays!

On behalf of our small team here at EXPOSED, which includes our co-founders, John and Kim, our Creative Director Lance Andersen, our Fundraising Consultant Rhonda Newman, and our Social Media Coordinator Lee Horbachewski, we would like to extend Season’s Greetings to all of you that continue to support our efforts. We sincerely hope you all have a happy holiday season and get to spend some time with family and friends if possible.

Thank You!

Thank you to all of you that supported our #TRAPPEDINTHEPAST fundraiser for Giving Tuesday. Because of you, we were able to raise an incredible $28,046! That’s $8,046 over our initial goal of $20,000 (special thanks to our two anonymous donors that matched our first $10,000). The passion and concern of people like you keeps us going, and we hope we make you proud with how we invest these funds to end the suffering caused by killing neck snares and save the lives of countless animals.

Keep an eye out for updates on the impact of your Giving Tuesday donation in the coming months, along with other ways to get involved and help us reach our end goal of $100,000 for the full trapping campaign, including the exciting, new investigative documentary series that will launch in Fall 2022.

A Real-Life Legend

EXPOSED was saddened to learn of the passing of Bud McLean this month in Williams Lake, British Columbia. Bud was a true living legend in the Chilcotin and founded Tyslos Park Lodge in 1957, which has hosted John’s fall grizzly bear photo tours for the past twelve years. Both John and Kim had personal relationships with Bud and many of our EXPOSED supporters have met Bud over the years as both a guide (Bud continued to guide at the lodge until he was 86 years old!) and a host (Bud’s daughter Karen now runs the lodge, but Bud was a fixture at group dinners for the past decade). We would like to take this opportunity to pass our condolences along to the entire McLean family.


Wolf Poisoning

The absurdity is astonishing: while Oregon nonprofits have a $40K+ reward out to find killers that illegally poisoned 8 wolves, here in Alberta, the provincial government are the ones poisoning wolves, to the tune of 100s of wolves in the past fifteen years (as well as a host of other species, including at least two Threatened grizzly bears). Worse, they’re using taxpayer dollars to fund the poisoning program and doing it in the name of caribou conservation; yet meanwhile, the same government continues to fast track logging in critical caribou habitat.

Check out this well-written op-ed in the Edmonton Journal by Western Canada Wilderness Committee’s Charlotte Dawe for further details.

EXPOSED will be staying on top of this issue as winter progresses and provide updates on whether the Alberta government plans to poison wolves again in 2021-22.


If you missed it last month, John and Kim were hosted by The Fur-Bearers Michael Howie on the Defender Radio Podcast talking about our upcoming Trapped in the Past campaign. Check it out on your usual podcast apps and players.


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