EWC April 2021 Update

EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy
April 22, 2021


- Earth Day

- Alberta Grizzly Bear Population Report

- Grizzly Documentary Update

- Partnership with GBF


Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event held on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First held on April 22, 1970, it now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally that touches over a billion people in more than 193 countries. We certainly encourage everyone to do their part in protecting our “home” and all the people and wildlife that live here. Frankly, it’s the only home we have, so we need to take much better care of it. That of course includes the apex predators that are so key to our mission as a Conservancy -- we hope you’ll agree that this Earth Day and beyond, you will continue to support our efforts on behalf of these carnivores that are so key to protecting Canada’s long-term biodiversity.

Grizzly Documentary Update

This population report and the pending controversy over grizzly bear hunting is the primary subject of our upcoming documentary on the status of Grizzly Bears in Alberta. We have recently completed a series of extensive interviews with a variety of experts and scientists, including the author of the Foothills Research Institute Grizzly Bear Population report, grizzly bear expert Gord Stenhouse. We are very excited to share this project with you, but due to the extensive range of topics that need to be discussed, we have decided to expand the documentary substantially by including more interviews and putting it together in several segments. We are excited to be able to release Part One next month.

You can read the latest population updates here:


A Partnership with GBF

A big part of our decision to increase the scope of our documentary has been because of our recent partnership with the BC-based Grizzly Bear Foundation. They were part of the successful campaign to ban grizzly bear hunting in British Columbia, so we are excited to receive funding support from them and to be partnering with them to help protect our Alberta grizzlies.


Cougar Tracking

Our co-founder John E. Marriott has continued to work on collecting initial footage for our Big Cats Project and recently had tremendous success after focusing a video trail camera on a deer carcass. Check out John’s Instagram and Facebook feeds for the latest videos.


Alberta Grizzly Bear Population Report

The Alberta Government has finally released its report on grizzly bear populations in the province, and we’re happy to see that the population has increased over the past decade in several key Bear Management Units. However, while this is good news for now, there is a big push from the Alberta Environment Minister to re-open the trophy grizzly bear hunt and he is already using this report as ammunition to start killing our bears.

Backward Thinking Targets Predators

Backward Thinking Targets Bears And Wolves, an op-ed by Chris Servheen, longtime national head of grizzly recovery in the lower 48 states, says Montana and Idaho are degenerating into anti-predator hysteria.



Insider Feature | Kim Odland

Kim Odland is this month's feature Insider, and is Co-Founder of EXPOSED.

It was almost 10 years ago that I sat in a small inflatable with John E Marriott, in the heart of the Khutzeymateen waiting for my first “real” grizzly experience. John and I had met a few months before at a photo conference he co-hosted in Canmore, AB, and I was hooked! I had a huge case of “camera envy” as the other five photographers on the trip had way bigger lenses, way more pixels and way more experience, but no one was more excited! I’ve been fortunate to be on a number of photo trips since, but it was my very first experience with wildlife photography and sharing stories from John that inspired the creation of what is known as the EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy.

Calling all Insiders!

We’d love to share your stories and/or photographs with all our followers. Let us know why you chose to support the Conservancy and why you love the outdoors! We’d like to feature an Insider every month to tell us more about yourself and hopefully share a photograph with us. Just send an email to insider@exposedwc.org and we’ll make it happen.


A huge shoutout to our friends! EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy is honoured and humbled by the many individuals and organizations who support our work!

The GTFO Company

The GTFO Company based out of Okotoks, AB, who are generously donating the proceeds from their grizzly T-shirts for the month of March to us!!!

Thank you Curtis & Melissa!

InFocus Canada + Viktoria Haack

InFocus Canada and Viktoria Haacks‘s partnered up to create the ‘Bubbles’ scarf. 10% of all sales are being donated to us!

Buy The Scarf Here

Lisa Joan Art

Lisa Joan Art from Courtney, BC was inspired into action to support EWC and donated 100% of the profits from every sale of her “BABs” fine art print to our Grizzly Bear documentary. Thank you, Lisa Joan!

See Lisa's Work Here

Wilderness Prints

John E. Marriott continues to support EWC on so many fronts! During the Grizzly Bear Fundraiser, his business Wilderness Prints offered his followers a chance to win prints while supporting the Conservancy. Thank you JOHN! And Congratulations Shelly, Randy & Liz, and Jennifer!

Visit WildernessPrints.com


We’re all about bears right now, so we thought we’d share two good reads about them!

Bears Without Fear


Through historical research, field observation, practical advice, personal anecdotes and an array of stunning photos, Van Tighem has written a comprehensive book that is meant to demystify bears in order to promote a deeper understanding of these powerful yet vulnerable creatures.

Talking With Bears


Talking with Bears is an intimate portrait of Charlie Russell's philosophy of nature, which evolved over the 76 years he graced this planet. Accompanied by stunning photography, the book is written in narrative form, the way Charlie spoke and shared his stories and knowledge with others.


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