EWC July Update

The EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy
July 15, 2021


Grizzly Documentary Update

We got a bit ahead of ourselves last month saying that we would be releasing our documentary, In the Crosshairs: The Road to Recovery for Alberta’s Threatened Grizzly Bears this month.

The truth is that producing a 30-minute documentary is a major project and we continue to tweak the film to make it as impactful and interesting as we can; this includes heading back into the field again next week to film a new intro to the documentary that we feel will better engage viewers, particularly those viewers that have never heard of EXPOSED or that don’t know why Alberta grizzly bears are at a conservation crossroads.

Thanks to all of you for being so patient as this documentary comes to fruition. Please follow along on our social media channels for updates as we get closer to finalizing our release date for this important film.


If you’re out and about in Alberta next week, watch for a team of us filming in the mountains. We’ll be in the Banff, Nordegg and Hinton areas, so stop in and say hi if you see us on the side of the trail/road (just ensure we aren’t in the middle of a hot take when you stop to say ‘hi’!).


Banff Town Wolf Pack

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom of wildlife conservation and forget to applaud all of the successes happening out there in the wild. So it was fantastic news this past week to learn that the Banff Town wolf family in the heart of Banff National Park may have had as many as NINE new pups this spring! This is a sure sign that prey is plentiful right now in Banff and that Wolf 1701, the only surviving original member of the Banff Town pack, is thriving despite losing her first mate last August. You can read the full article here.


The ‘Lead with Nature’ Podcast has a great interview with Dr. Mark Elbroch titled, Who Decides the Fate of Mountain Lions. We highly recommend a listen and then, if you haven’t already, grabbing Mark’s latest book, The Cougar Conundrum.


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