EWC October Update

The EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy
October 8, 2021


- New Campaigns
- Take Action for Alberta Caribou
- The Wolf as Scapegoat
- Running Dry - Alberta’s Shrinking Rivers
- Grizzly Poached
- Where the Grizzly Bears Roam


New Campaigns

Stay tuned in the coming months as EXPOSED begins a new chapter and partnership with our friends at the Furbearers based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We’re going to continue working on grizzly bear conservation here in Alberta, but we’re also expanding our projects this fall to include a major campaign that will focus on snaring and trapping across the country and into the United States. And what better organization to partner with than one of Canada’s longest running nonprofits fighting for our fur-bearing animals like wolves and lynx. We’ll have more details available shortly and a video trailer that we’ll reveal in November introducing our new campaign.

Take Action for Alberta Caribou

Our friends over at CPAWS Northern Alberta have done a wonderful job continuing to uncover what’s really going on up in Alberta’s critically threatened A La Peche caribou herd range. If you missed the story earlier in previous newsletters, West Fraser was planning on logging a large portion of untouched winter caribou habitat bordering up against Willmore Wilderness Park this fall, but because of the quick action of two local trappers alerting EXPOSED and other nonprofits about what was going on, there has been a concerted attempt to expose the truth and divert this logging.

If you want more details, we urge you to read: A report on impacts of proposed logging by West Fraser Mills Ltd. (Hinton) in caribou critical habitat and to take action by filling in this simple form letter to the Alberta government officials that can put a halt to this.

Mirror, mirror on the wall: The wolf as scapegoat

This is a must-read article from one of the world’s leading wolf experts, Raincoast Conservation’s Senior Scientist, Dr. Paul Paquet.

Read the article here.


Co-founder John E. Marriott just returned from a few weeks photographing grizzlies in interior BC. If you want a taste for what John saw and experienced with his photo clients, check out our video, The Amazing Mountain Grizzlies of the Chilcotin.

John was testing a new Canon camera, the R3, so if any of you are gear heads, watch his Facebook page for details on how it went. From an EXPOSED perspective, John was thrilled to see an easy-to-use new slow motion video feature on the R3 and has already begun playing with it for future EXPOSED documentaries and video features.


Running Dry - Alberta’s Shrinking Rivers

We’re excited to see this new video documentary, sponsored by the Livingstone Landowners Group and filmed and edited by Yvan Lebel and Brian Van Tighem, about the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies and the shrinking rivers that drain them. It was triggered by the coal strip-mining threat but it deals with a variety of land uses and their effects on our streams and water.

Register here for the free October 20 Premiere Showing.

Edson Grizzly Bear Poached

News is just trickling out now about a female grizzly bear shot and killed and left in the middle of a logging road near Edson, Alberta on October 9th. There is an ongoing investigation by Fish and Wildlife into the incident, and once again, it is a reminder of how far we still have to go in grizzly bear recovery in this province.


Where The Grizzly Bears Roam: The Soap Opera That Is Khutzeymateen Inlet

Up against the rugged and remote stage of British Columbia’s northern coast, a charismatic cast of Ursus arctos horribilis plays out a hairy tale of love, lust, and loss. Behold Monty, Rocky, Doze, and other bears of the Khutzeymateen Inlet, home to the highest concentration of grizzlies in the province. These are the bears of our lives.

[Note: Monty in this story is actually the legendary Brutus, who some of you may have seen mentioned in John’s book, Tall Tales, Long Lenses.]


Wear your support of EWC!

One way you can help support our work is by purchasing EXPOSED branded clothing. And we’re thrilled to launch our latest t-shirt, Respect and Protect, featuring an art rendition of one of co-founder John E. Marriott’s photographs of Banff’s most famous grizzly bear, The Boss. This is a limited edition graphic t-shirt designed specifically to support our Alberta grizzly bear campaign and will only be available for a short time, so get your order in today!

P.S. Remember that our EXPOSED Insiders get a 10% discount on all store purchases!


This is the book John learned much of his tracking from and he highly recommends it for anyone interested in learning more about how to find wildlife using tracks and sign. Find it here.

The most comprehensive reference guide to mammal tracks and sign for North America. This new edition is more visual, with more than 1300 photos and 450 illustrations for easy comparison and identification of similar sign. Each species account includes information on tracks and trails, scat and urine, nests and lodges, as well as sign on the ground, in trees and shrubs, on fungi and on plants. Winner of the 2019 National Outdoor Book Award for Outdoor Classic Books. By Mark Elbroch and Casey Mcfarland.

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