EWC September Update

The EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy
September 16, 2021


- Alberta Grizzly Documentary
- Urgent Alberta Caribou News
- A Partnership with Wolf Awareness
- Respect and Protect "The Boss" Limited T-Shirt!


A Successful Launch!

We are thrilled that the release of our new documentary, In the Crosshairs: The Road to Recovery for Alberta’s Threatened Grizzly Bears debuted last month to more than 25K views in the first few weeks of release. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can view the full 30 minute film at exposedwc.org/albertagrizzlies.

As part of the documentary, we have launched a grizzly bear campaign in association with the Grizzly Bear Foundation to raise awareness about the current status of the grizzly bear in Alberta. Part of this includes a letter/email writing campaign designed to increase the pressure on provincial officials to act now to fully implement the 2008 Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan and to continue the ban on grizzly bear hunting. To read more about the campaign and send one of the easy letters/emails, please visit exposedwc.org/albertagrizzlies. Making your voice heard with our elected officials is a key first step to effectively getting Alberta grizzly bears out of the crosshairs for good.

Thank you to all of you that helped support the documentary financially and by sharing it with your friends and family on social media and via other channels. We are thrilled with the initial response and hope that you can continue to share it as the months go on.


Urgent Caribou News

Save a Tree. Save a Caribou. Save a Wolf.

A newly released Government of Alberta map confirms long-term plans for substantial logging within at-risk caribou habitat in west-central Alberta in the heart of the A La Peche caribou herd’s critical winter range. This includes 54 cutblocks scheduled to clearcut log intact old-growth forests, some of which border up against Willmore Wilderness Park. This herd is Jasper National Park’s last large herd (all of the southern herds are critically threatened and declining) and is one of the herd’s that has seen intensive wolf culling and poisoning over the past 15 years to try to keep herd numbers stable. So now we have to ask, why bother spending millions on wolf culls when the government won’t even commit to saving caribou habitat? This would represent an enormous step backward in provincial caribou management and we ask that you help spread the word and write your local MLA here in Alberta. For further details, visit albertawilderness.ca

Wolves Facing an Uphill Battle in NW States

New wolf hunting and trapping regulations recently passed in Pacific Northwest States like Montana threaten to undo decades of wolf reintroduction work, however, it’s worth pointing out that these seemingly archaic regulations are the NORM here in Canada. Did you know that wolves can be hunted 9.5 months of the year in Alberta and British Columbia? That hunters and trappers can bait wolves? That there are no limits on trapping wolves in Alberta or much of BC? That hunters can shoot and kill wolf pups, pregnant females, and nursing females?

This blatant mismanagement of wolves favouring hunters and trappers is one of the many reasons that we founded EXPOSED. If you want to help us as we develop our wolf, cougar and bear campaigns this fall and winter and help us give these predators a voice in wildlife management moving forward, please consider making a donation or becoming an EXPOSED Insider. Every dollar helps us in our fight. Thank you.


Wear your support of EWC!

One way you can help support our work is by purchasing EXPOSED branded clothing. And we’re thrilled to launch our latest t-shirt, Respect and Protect, featuring an art rendition of one of co-founder John E. Marriott’s photographs of Banff’s most famous grizzly bear, The Boss. This is a limited edition graphic t-shirt designed specifically to support our Alberta grizzly bear campaign and will only be available for a short time, so get your order in today!

P.S. Remember that our EXPOSED Insiders get a 10% discount on all store purchases!


Ecologist, Hunter Conservationist and Author, Kevin Van Tighem, is featured in our In the Crosshairs grizzly bear documentary, so what better book to promote this month than his highly acclaimed bestseller, Bears Without Fear.

In this timely and sensitive book, Van Tighem calls on decades of experience, knowledge and understanding in order to enlighten readers about our relationship with and attitude toward bears. Along the way we are confronted with the realities confronting these great animals as a result of our ever-expanding human population and their ever-shrinking natural habitat. Through historical research, field observation, practical advice, personal anecdotes and an array of stunning photos, Van Tighem has written a comprehensive book that is meant to demystify bears in order to promote a deeper understanding of these powerful yet vulnerable creatures.

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