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June 23, 2022

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  • Seeking Volunteers
  • The Kootenay Wolves

Alberta + BC Wolf Cull

Dating back more than six years ago, the wolf cull in BC and Alberta has always been a wildlife management action that we have taken issue with here at EXPOSED. In February 2016 our third ever ‘EXPOSED with John E. Marriott’ episode focused on the ethics and poor science behind the Alberta wolf cull.

You can view the episode here.

And so despite not focusing on the cull as one of our major conservation projects right now, we always keep our eyes on what’s happening with caribou and wolf management in both provinces. Our image and video library has been used by a host of groups that are directly fighting the cull, including a great recent article from Raincoast Conservation titled, The cull of the wild: management for industry, not wolves. It outlines how British Columbia’s government-sanctioned wolf cull is ecologically, ethically and economically indefensible and is well worth a read.

From the Field

Log Bear

Have you met Log Bear yet? While our co-founder John E. Marriott was in the field leading a tour in British Columbia’s spectacular Khutzeymateen grizzly bear sanctuary, he encountered a bear that just begged to be introduced to the masses. He named it Log Bear after his group’s first encounter with the beautiful golden-headed bear ended with the young male grizzly snoozing on a log in the middle of the estuary.

Enjoy the panoramic view of Log Bear and his surroundings and let’s hope that one day there will be lots of grizzly sanctuaries across Canada, not just the one lone Khutzeymateen.

In the News

Alberta Grizzly Mortalities

Tragic news for Alberta grizzly bears, and in particular, for grizzly bears in the Rocky Mountain national parks, as May and June have seen at least two more bears in the Banff-Lake Louise field unit die on the railway tracks and highway. This includes the white grizzly Nakoda’s sister, the sixth female grizzly to die at the hands of humans in this area in the past two years.

Read about it in this RMO article here.

So what can you do to help in what seems like a no-win situation as our national parks get busier and busier? Stay tuned to our newsletters in the near future as we outline opportunities to provide feedback to the government on how our national parks are managed.

Fine Art Prints

Available Soon!

We had a number of incredible artists donate their original artwork toward our first silent auction and we’re thrilled to announce that several of those artists have agreed to let us sell limited edition prints of their beautiful paintings to help fund our conservation work! This includes Andrea Moore’s gorgeous ‘In the Moment’ wolf painted from one of John’s Yellowstone wolf images, Doria Moodie’s stunning ‘Diver’ art piece also painted from one of John’s more recognizable photos, and Susie Cipolla’s amazing painting of John’s famous ‘Frank the Tank’ cover image.

Each painting will be available as a numbered, limited edition fine art print in two sizes with a one-inch white border while quantities last. Keep your eyes open for the email announcing the pre-sale of these prints in the next few weeks!

Seeking Volunteers

As we continue to grow, we are looking to expand the EWC team with those dedicated to the betterment of apex predators! We have been working hard behind the scenes to create a volunteer program that would make this possible.

Exposed volunteers are essential to EWC! As a volunteer, you play a critical role in helping us fulfill our mission of creating change by raising awareness and appreciation of conservation issues relating to Canada’s apex predators.

From helping us with general research to video editing to educational programming to fundraising, there are several areas where you can volunteer at EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy depending on your interests, skills and experience. Volunteering is also a great way to enhance your experience, learn new skills and grow your network while contributing to a greater cause. As a volunteer, you will join a passionate community working towards bettering the treatment of Canada’s wolves, bears, cougars and more. By working together, we will be able to spread our impact further than ever before!

We are Currently Seeking Volunteers in the Following Areas:

Social Media Management

Help grow EWC's social media presence by creating and scheduling posts as well as monitoring our social media channels and responding to comments and messages.

General Researcher

Research is essential to EWC operations. From creating videos to managing our educational programs, we rely on our research to provide our supporters with the most up-to-date and factual information in our videos and educational programs.


We welcome ethical photographers to share their wildlife photography on our social media platforms. Use your personal brand to promote and endorse EWC's goals and mission by becoming an Ambassador!

Assistant Video Editor

Video production is a centerpiece at EWC, with the majority of our operations time spent creating video content exposing current wildlife management issues. We are currently looking for a volunteer with experience as a video editor, who is familiar with professional video production workflows.


Books + Podcasts

The Kootenay Wolves

John’s latest book The Kootenay Wolves is now available! This book chronicles John’s tenacious efforts hiking, snowshoeing, and hiding silently in camouflage for hundreds of days to document these wary wolves and their tenuous hold in a home range rife with danger, including tourist traffic, transport trucks, trophy hunters, and trappers. Marriott not only watched this family thrive against all odds but also saw and photographed some truly astonishing behaviours rarely documented in the wild before.

Excerpt from the dust jacket of The Kootenay Wolves:

On August 24, 2013, professional wildlife photographer John E. Marriott received a phone call that would dramatically alter the course of his career for the next half-decade. A friend of his had witnessed gray wolves eating a moose carcass on the side of a highway at dawn that day in Canada’s Kootenay National Park. By the time Marriott arrived hours later, the moose was gone, hauled away by Parks Canada staff, but a lone wolf remained. Marriott’s first magical encounter with that member of one of the Rocky Mountain national parks’ most secretive wolf families spawned an incredible five-year project by the photographer to learn more about these wolves.


Michele Doucette Art Show

For those of you in the Calgary area, check out Michele Doucette’s upcoming Art Show on June 24th-25th. Michele was one of the artists that so kindly donated an original painting for our recent silent auction.

For more details click here.

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