EWC May 24' Update - Part 1

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May 1, 2024

Will You Speak On Behalf Of Wolves? 🐺

In Wyoming earlier this year, a hunter named Cody Roberts ran down a young wolf on a snowmobile, muzzled it, tortured it, and then paraded it around a bar before killing it. Roberts was then charged a $250 fee for violating state laws prohibiting the possession of live wildlife.

Where is the justice for this wolf?

The laws surrounding wolves are limited at best. Here in Canada, there are minimal regulations and limits on how many wolves can be hunted or trapped. The Alberta and British Government are also using taxpayer dollars to cull hundreds of wolves every year in the name of caribou recovery. The rights of wolves are similar in the United States, which is evident by the lack of justice this wolf has received in the hands of Roberts and regulatory bodies

Wolves are controversial and are typically either loved or loathed.

Many still believe in the wolf depicted in childhood fairy tales and horror stories, evil and savage beings that are worthy only to be killed for sport or a nuisance that can only be managed through death (i.e. through trapping, culling, hunting. etc.). Those who hate wolves are opposed to government regulations, such as having wolves on the Endangered species list, regulations regarding hunting restrictions, and resist efforts to re-establish wolf populations in areas they have become extirpated.

Some view themselves as superior to wolves, which grants them the rights to torture and abuse them through the use of neck snares or, in this case, like Roberts who injured, tortured, and flaunted around his animal abuse efforts towards this wolf because he is a trophy hunter and that is his right.

We view wolves as they are: a keystone species that are critical for healthy habitats and as pack animals who are sentient beings.

Will you join us in giving wolves a voice?

If you are in the United States, follow the calls to actions of the many organizations advocating for change and justice for this wolf and the countless other fur-bearing animals who are subjected to similar animal cruelty and abuse.

If you are in Canada or outside of North America, join our efforts as we advocate for change in how wolves are managed and regulated in our nation. Follow this link to learn more, get involved, and give wolves a voice.

Give Wolves A Voice

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