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May 25, 2022


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We have featured Delinda, an alpha female from the Bow Valley pack, often on our pages. However, we wanted to share Delinda’s story with you today.

Delinda was a key figure in the re-establishment of the Bow Valley’s pack in Banff National Park after most of the previous pack had been wiped out. The Bow Valley wolves have had trouble staying alive in the park, despite its protected status. The hazards include two major highways, a national railway, the town of Banff, the hamlet of Lake Louise, and three million tourists a year.

In August 2008, Delinda was killed on the Trans-Canada High in Banff National Park. She had gone through a hole in the fence designed to keep wildlife off the road and did not stand a chance on the fast-paced, heavily travelled highway.

Delinda was a perfect fit for the Bow Valley. She had learned to live with people without getting into trouble with them. She also bridged that fine line between being a wild wolf and being a wolf that could deal with most of what the Bow Valley placed in her way.

Delinda’s loss was catastrophic for her Bow Valley family. Less than a week later after her death, another member of her pack was also killed on the Trans-Canada highway. More than a year of chaos followed, as one by one the pack members died at the hands of humans on the valley’s railway tracks and roads.

For several months, it was thought that the Bow Valley wolves were finished. Until Sundance, one of Delinda’s pups from her first litter, was discovered to be still alive. She lived into 2010 before she too succumbed on the Trans-Canada Highway. This effectively ended the lineage of the Bow Valley wolf pack once and for all.

Delinda's story has been adapted from Exposed co-founder John E. Marriott’s book Tall Tales, Long Lenses.


Silent Auction on Now!

We are currently halfway through our first annual silent auction! There are only 4 more days left to bid and purchase nature-inspired items as well as donate in support of Canada’s bears, cougars, and wolves.


The Through (our) Wild Eyes silent auction looks to bring awareness to a few of the most pressing wildlife management challenges facing us today as well as raise funds to develop and implement appropriate solutions. We are seeking your help to raise $30,000 to support bears, cougars, and wolves through this auction!

Watch Our Item Preview Video!

Please head to our silent auction page by clicking here to view the items available through our first auction. These items are centred around either bringing you into nature or bringing nature into your home. We have everything from incredible outdoor experiences to awe-inspiring paintings to breathtaking photographs available.

All funds raised will help EWC accomplish the following goals:

1. To create human-wildlife coexistence management plans
2. To spearhead the creation of Carnivore Conservation Areas and Buffer Zones
3. To advance education through hosting public courses, seminars, and workshops
4. To contribute to government management plans for the conservation of our ecosystems and their biodiversity
5. To share our research through documentaries

*Please note that we are unable to issue tax receipts for any donation (monetary or gifts-in-kind) at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but are immensely grateful for your support!


Large Carnivore Researcher

We are very fortunate to have Large Carnivore Researcher Sadie Parr join us for this event to speak on behalf of the need for Buffer Zones and Carnivore Conservation areas. As a lover of wild things and wild places, Sadie has been advocating on behalf of wolves for more than 15 years. A graduate of the University of Guelph, she is passionate about advancing large carnivore conservation in Canada.

Sadie's work is centered on promoting wolf and large carnivore conservation through non-invasive scientific research, education, and informed advocacy. She lives in Golden BC, and her main interests include carnivore behaviour and ecology, wildlife tracking, trail running, growing food, and wilderness camping. Sadie aims to improve the appreciation of wild canids in North America and facilitate coexistence among large carnivores and people.


A May 28th Event

Please join us this Saturday, May 28th from 7:30-8:45 pm, for a free event as we discuss the need to create Buffer Zones and Carnivore Conservation Areas to help protect wildlife, such as Delinda and the Bow Valley pack, from tragedies such as this.


This very special fundraising event features an expert panel of conservationists, wildlife advocates, and EXPOSED co-founder John. E. Marriott as we discuss a few of our projects that funds raised through this auction will be supporting. This includes creating Alberta’s first cougar coexistence program as well as developing an Alberta grizzly bear management report. Plus, we will take our first in-depth look at Carnivore Conservation Areas and Buffer Zones and update you on our investigative trapping documentary, Trapped in the Past.


During the May 28th event, John will also reveal his latest images and tales from his May 9th - 21st trip to the Khutzeymateen! Did he finally find Frank the Tank again? Join us to find out!

We will also be giving away two very unique prizes during this event as an appreciation to our supporters. Simply attend our free event on May 28th for your chance to win:

- A print of the cover photo of John E. Marriott's new book The Kootenay Wolves

- *A print of your choice from John E. Marriott's May 2022 trip to the Khutzeymateen! *Available to Exposed Insiders only!

Visit exposedwc.org/events to RSVP to this free event!

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