EXPOSED featured in the Rocky Mountain Outlook

Lynn Martel
Rocky Mountain Outlook
April 4, 2020

Recently we had the privilege to be featured in the Rocky Mountain Outlook in an article written by Lynn Martel. Here is an excerpt from the article:

John E. Marriott with his Camera in the Great Beat Rain Forest
Photo Credit Pat Roque

“Our goal with Exposed is to make this the norm in wildlife management – let the majority of people give our wildlife a voice and have our wildlife management policies and legislation reflect that. The days of trapping being ‘tradition’ and hunting having few regulations – in regards to predators – need to end, and that’s really what Exposed boils down to. Exposing these issues and educating the masses.”

CANMORE – The vast majority of the general public don’t have much knowledge or understanding when it comes to issues or government policies concerning wildlife.

In Canada, and across our southern border in the U.S., the guidelines, policies and rules surrounding wildlife conservation are egregiously outdated and not science-based in any way.

That reality, said longtime Canmore resident and internationally acclaimed wildlife photographer John Marriott, is the motivation behind the creation of the recently launched Exposed Wildlife Conservancy.

“We felt there was a gap between B.C. conservation groups and Rockies-related ones and even U.S.-based ones dealing with predator issues and management and policies,” Marriott said.

“For so many years, hunters and trappers...

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