Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen Interview

Co-Founder John E. Marriott Discusses New Threats to Alberta Grizzlies

The Exposed Wildlife Conservancy
July 10, 2024

Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen

Exposed’s Co Founder John E. Marriott joins Ryan Jespersen on the Real Talk as he explores the government's recent decision to end a 20-year ban on grizzly bear hunting in Alberta. Grizzly bears, once a threatened species, now face new dangers with changes to the Wildlife Act that permit the hunting of "problem" bears. John E. Marriott discusses the crucial need for grizzly bear recovery, the exploration of non-lethal coexistence strategies, and concerns about how the reporting of problem bears will be managed. Dr. Sarah Elmeligi, bear biologist and MLA for Banff-Kananaskis, provides insights on the importance of combining the science behind bear behavior and the social science of human expectations.

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