Sponsor a Trail Camera

By sponsoring a trail camera, you are enabling research that provides insight into wildlife populations and behaviors.

There is limited research available regarding cougars and how to coexist with them. Trail cameras gather the necessary information to ensure that our educational, outreach and reference materials are based in science and facts. Setting up an extensive trail camera network will track cougar movements to identify which cougars are most prevalent and, therefore, focus on EWC’s education efforts in these areas first. These cameras will also observe cougar behaviours which will aid EWC in identifying which behaviours are essential to educate the public on.

What does an Install Look Like?

Each camera install consists of various components.

The Camera

We use industry leading cameras with IR (infrared) flash. Reliability is important when conducting research so we want to ensure we have the best chance possible to capture important moments. Fast trigger times reduced missed captures, and the IR flash allows us to use non-visible illumination of the scene to reduce disturbance to wildlife.


Each camera is fitted with a steel security box, attached to the tree or object it is secured to with a braided steel cable lock. Every box is labeled with our organizations name, that it has approval from the land manager of the area, and where to find more information about the project.

Data Storage & Batteries

The consumables of running a project like this are SD memory cards and AA format batteries. We use rechargeable cells when possible, and Lithium when the weather is harsh to increase deployment times. Every camera has two dedicated memory cards to allow our team and volunteers to swap cards quick in the field.

We are asking for one-time donations that will go towards growing our trail camera network. Our total trail camera cost to manage the network’s expansion across the MD of Bighorn is $9,000. This allows us to purchase 18 additional trail cameras that will be vital to tracking cougar movement and behaviour throughout our communities. We have already raised $2,500 towards this but need your help to reach our goal. We have options to sponsor a trail camera outright or make a monthly donation towards a camera until the total amount has been donated. Either way will go a long way to supporting our incredible cougars and the communities that coexist with them every day. 

Donatins are eligible for Canadian tax receipts.

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When you make a monthly donation, you join our special team of EXPOSED Insiders. You will get private access to exclusive events like online Q&A’s and slideshows with John and other special guests, as well as 10% off EXPOSED merchandise.

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Become a Volunteer

As Exposed continues to grow, we are looking to expand our team to include those dedicated to the betterment of apex predators! As a volunteer, you play a critical role in helping us fulfill our mission of creating change by raising awareness and appreciation of conservation issues relating to Canada’s apex predators.