Snaring and Trapping

The EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy’s Snaring and Trapping Campaign is working toward a complete ban on the use of snares for commercial trapping, as well as modern, ethical, science-based updates to all trapping regulations for fur-bearing mammals, particularly large apex predators like wolves, lynx, bobcats and wolverines.

What's the Issue?

Provincial governments in Canada have not meaningfully updated provincial trapping regulations in almost one hundred years, resulting in tens of thousands of wolves and other canids being trapped, killed and skinned each year across the country in inhumane and inefficient neck snares for an out-of-date fashion industry.

What We’re Doing & How You Can Help

We’re tackling this issue using a combination of videos, fieldwork, online research and social media outreach to advocate and educate on behalf of these animals to ensure that trapping regulations are updated to better reflect the current values of society. We need your help on this project to allow us to continue producing high-end videos working with our partner, The Fur-Bearers Association of Canada, to ban killing neck snares and update trapping regulations across the country.

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