In the Crosshairs: The Road to Recovery for Alberta's Threatened Grizzly Bears

August 26, 2021

Use your voice to help safeguard the grizzly bear’s future in Alberta. Tell the provincial government that it’s time to take action for our threatened grizzlies today. Write Your Representative:

The majestic grizzly bear is an iconic symbol of the wild and a cherished part of Alberta's cultural identity. As an umbrella species, their protection benefits biodiversity and ecosystem conservation across the wide landscapes they roam. Grizzly bears have been classified as a Threatened species in Alberta since 2010. New research data released in March 2021 showing an increase in Alberta's grizzly populations are cause for hope, but the road to recovery is far from over. With a population estimate well below the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s criteria for threatened status, Alberta grizzlies are clearly a species at risk. The combined impacts of habitat loss, food security issues, coexistence challenges, and the climate crisis continue to put enormous pressure on recovering grizzly bear populations.

Now more than ever, we need the Alberta government to fund and implement their Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan in its entirety. The future of Alberta's grizzlies depends on it. Of all the challenges grizzlies face on the road to recovery, hunting is the one source of human-caused mortality we can control. As part of the Recovery Plan we urge the provincial government to commit to a continued ban on grizzly bear hunting in Alberta.

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