Assistant Video Editor

Estimated Work Load:  
3-6 Days per Month
Remote Position
Experience Required
Position Filled

Our videos range from short 1-minute videos to long form documentaries. Regardless of the length, each video undergoes pre-production, production, and post-production cycles. We are currently looking for a volunteer with experience as a video editor, who is familiar with professional video production workflows who can assist with the following post-production tasks:

Tasks Include:
  • Work with EWC's creative director/in-house filmmaker on projects.
  • Create assembly and rough cuts from interviews.
  • Review archive video libraries and identify and sort best clips.
  • Cut down full videos to highlight clips for social media.
  • Create simple animated graphics for use in videos and social media.
Qualifications, Skills & Experiences:
  • A few years of video editing experience and comfort spending time in professional-level NLEs such as DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere Pro are required. Resolve is the NLE of choice at EWC.
  • A good sense of file management and organization.
  • Experience in post-production audio mixing.
  • Experience with or willingness to learn how to use Slack, Click-Up, and Google Drive.
  • A good internet connection is an asset.
Bonus Skills
  • Post Production Audio, Music Composition, and Mixing.
  • Knowledge of either After Effects, Blackmagic Fusion, or Blender would be an asset.

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