Youth For Wildlife

Exposed Wildlife Conservancy’s Youth for Wildlife program mobilizes and empowers the next generation of wildlife advocates to make long-lasting changes in how wolves, bears, cougars, and other fur-bearing animals are managed and treated in Canada.  This program encourages youth to become stewards of their environment and promotes ethical behaviours and a sense of responsibility toward wildlife. This can lead to long-term changes in attitudes and behaviours regarding wildlife conservation and, ultimately, how apex predators are managed in Canada.

Supporting wildlife and making impactful and meaningful changes for them can seem impossible at times. With inhumane, unethical, and non-scientifically-backed wildlife management tactics, such as wolf culling, trophy hunting, wildlife killing contests, commercial trapping, and cougar hound hunting being supported and funded by our provincial and federal governments, it is hard to keep hope that real change will occur within our lifetime. However, we want you to know that there is still hope and that you can make a direct difference for fur-bearing animals today. 

Project Background

We’re only able to teach Canada’s youth the importance of wildlife conservation with your support. By helping provide youth with the resources, opportunities, education, support, and information they need to engage in conservation activities, you will be a part of the solution to developing ethical, science-backed, and humane wildlife management and conservation strategies within Canada. Donations made towards the Youth for Wildlife program will be used to:

  • Reduce barriers for youth to participate in conservation initiatives. 
  • Develop wildlife-focused curriculums that teachers can use in classrooms.
  • Offer in-person and virtual educational workshops that teach youth about wildlife, their critical environmental roles, and how to coexist with them.
  • Create a citizen science program which enables youth to get involved with in-the-field conservation activities. 

How You Can Help

Your generosity will make it possible for Canada’s youth to learn about wildlife, participate in critical conservation efforts, and become the next generation empowered to give wildlife a voice. With your support, we are one step closer to changing how bears, wolves, and cougars are managed in Canada. There are three ways you can help mobilize the next generation of changemakers to make a positive and lasting impact on Canada’s wildlife.


Donate | A donation to the Youth for Wildlife initiative is a direct way that you can make a difference. By making a one-time or monthly donation, you are reducing barriers for youth in Western Canada to participate in conservation programs.


Volunteer | As a volunteer, you will join a passionate community working towards bettering the treatment of Canada’s wolves, bears, cougars and more. We have several opportunities to volunteer based on your interests, skill sets, and goals. As a volunteer with Exposed Wildlife Conservancy, you will connect with a like-minded community that works together to solve the most pressing wildlife challenges facing us today.  Learn More and Volunteer


Raise Awareness | Every action makes a difference! If you are unable to donate today, we ask that you share our Youth for Wildlife fundraising campaign with your friends and family to help us get the word out and raise much-needed funds! If you have not done so already, we encourage you to join us on Facebook and Instagram at @exposdwc. We’ll share updates and stories here about how much you and the others in our community are making a difference.

It only takes a few minutes to empower the next generation of wildlife warriors. Simply fill out the donation form below and donate to our Youth for Wildlife program. Your generosity will make it possible for youth to participate in conservation efforts within Canada. We hope you’ll mobilize the next generation to become the next voice of wolves, bears, and cougars!

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Contribute and Make a Difference!

The Youth for Wildlife program is building the foundation of our future, specifically the future of Canada’s wild places and the animals therein. This is made possible by mobilizing youth, with a focus on conservation, to safeguard our ecosystems and empower the next generation to become change agents for wildlife. 

Wildlife warriors like you make it possible to keep our wildlife protected and their homes, Canada’s wildlife areas, beautiful and intact —we couldn’t do it without you! Thank you for mobilizing youth conservation to safeguard our ecosystems and empower the next generation to become change agents for wildlife.

All donations are eligible for a Canadian tax-receipt.